5 Secrets to Get You Motivated and Stay That Way through Your Breakthrough

I really don’t feel like writing this blog right now. It would be a lot eassier to pick up a book, check my email or make a phone call. But that isn’t what I need to do to make my breakthrough. This is the fifth article in the series, “What is preventing your breakthrough?” In this article,… Read More

5 Ways the Fear of Pain Drives us To Create Radical Change

Chris Burkard calls himself a surf photographer. I imagine you are thinking he basks in the sunshine of exotic beaches of Maui, Rio or the Virgin Isles. He used to love those locations until he launched his crusade against the mundane.  That was when we purposely pushed himself to explore the best waves in the… Read More

3 Ways Ordinary Leadership Kills Your Profits

Someone is killing your profits.  Who could it be? Several suspects come to mind.  We could suspect global competitors who undercut our prices.  We could suspect the government as they raise the cost of labor.  We could even suspect the quality of employees. But what would the evidence tell us?  Where would the investigation lead? I… Read More

7 Ways SMART Leaders Remember those who Served and Sacrificed (Memorial Day)

Today is the day set aside to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in fighting for our freedom.  We know that as citizens of this great country, we enjoy our freedom because many gave the ultimate sacrifice.  They died so we can live.  How will you choose to purposely remember them today? One of… Read More

9 Critical Affirmations to Squech the Doubts and Create Radical Change

Doubt disables many aspiring and disruptive leaders.  You might be one of them.  If so, this is the post you are looking for. As I began to create radical change, I doubted myself and my success.  But as I changed the words I thought and said, my thinking and success came quickly. Here are 9 of my… Read More