Take my 21 Day Challenge (Why not Wednesday)

I challenge you to do something in the next 21 days that will significantly change your life. That’s right, let’s use this COVID-19 shutdown to be disruptive. Read More

Are you Going to Play it Safe in 2017 or Create a Radical Change?

What are you willing to risk to get what you ultimately want?   Disrupting our lives, career, market or industry demands risk and sacrifice. Unfortunately many are not willing to take the risk.  They don’t want to gamble with anything other than easy odds. So 72% of employees are disengaged, according to Gallup Polls. Doesn’t that… Read More

Are You Making these 5 Killer Customer Service Mistakes?

He didn’t think he did anything wrong.  “After all,” he thought, “I’m hired as a Publix Pharmacist to fill prescriptions.  I do that very well.” Like many of us, he didn’t even see what he did wrong.  But from the modern customer’s perspective, this organizational leader made 5 killer customer service mistakes  in just a… Read More

Why Won’t They Follow You? 3 Common Reasons

I recently attended a Home Owners Association meeting and was quite struck by three important lessons in leadership. Unfortunately,  the leadership, either forgot, neglected or failed to learn them.  In the end, they were frustrated by how so few were willing to get involved. So they blamed others and complained about how hard they worked.… Read More

Where Do we Start to be Disruptive?

The future is driven by great leaders disrupting the status quo. They dream up new products and services that change the way we work and play but also how we see the world.  They disrupt industries and cultures and institutions with new technologies and approaches. They offer radical departures from best practices in management of… Read More