Creating a Stellar Performance

Recently we performed our Mystery Theater production, “Who Killed the Family Business?” We are a group of amateurs, definitely not professional talent but simply business people having fun doing what they don’t usually do.  In fact, we often play characters that are much different from who we are. The magic happens when we own our characters,… Read More

What is the Problem with Competitive Awards in our Sharing Economy?

“Isn’t this the best? I just love getting an award. Don’t you think everyone loves the competition and seeing the winners get the awards?” “I know the winners love it. But remember, for every winner, you create many more losers.” “You can’t think of it like that.” “But isn’t it true?” Many organizations love to have a competition and… Read More

Are you Fostering a Cutting-Edge Culture?

Why are some organizations innovative and others not? How can you work to foster a cutting-edge culture from your leadership position? In this post, we examine how organizational culture is critical to innovative organizations. Specifically, we detail seven essential elements and assess how you and your organization fares. This begins a series on creating a cutting-edge culture. Read More