Are you Aiming too Low to be a Disruptive Leader?

What are you aiming for? As I look back, I realize that I was aiming for the wrong target.  I tried being a follower, aiming for comfort and safety, preferring to aim low so my expectations were not violated.  That was not satisfying nor did it work very well so I changed my focus, aiming… Read More

3 Lessons to Learn from Labor We Hate

What work do you hate? There are aspects of every job that we hate – even if it is creating something that will change the world. Too often we avoid those tasks that we hate. Even though we want to avoid these tasks, we know they must be done. Unfortunately too often we procrastinate or… Read More

Secret #3: What are You Willing to Pay to Create a Revolutionary Transformation?

What are you willing to pay?  How much money, time and effort are you willing to give to do the impossible? Many of us don’t know that answer.  It is a secret that we won’t even tell ourselves and are afraid to ask.   The result is that we settle for less, often content with mediocre… Read More

Are You too Comfortable to Be a Disruptive Leader?

Kick back and relax, get comfortable.  That is what we all want, isn’t it?   We seek comfort in our jobs, finances and homes. But at what point are we TOO comfortable?  We become too comfortable when we believe the effort required for a great opportunity outweighs the potential return. We have all been there.  You… Read More