Have You Noticed the Growing Trend of Collaborative Leadership

Competition used to be the dominant business model. In fact, it still may be. However, if you notice, you will see an increasing trend in collaborative leadership. This is the sixth and final post in a series detailing 5 trends that will disrupt every business within the next five years. In this post, we examine how collaborative leadership will challenge us very quickly. Read More

What is the Role of Competition in the Sharing Economy?

In considering The Problem with Competitive Awards in the Sharing Economy I raised the eyebrows of competitive individuals. They struggle to see the Sharing Economy fosters collaboration over competition, insisting that we will never get rid of competition. To their surprise, I agree. There will always be competition, however, competition is changing.  As disruptive leaders, we… Read More

What is the Problem with Competitive Awards in our Sharing Economy?

“Isn’t this the best? I just love getting an award. Don’t you think everyone loves the competition and seeing the winners get the awards?” “I know the winners love it. But remember, for every winner, you create many more losers.” “You can’t think of it like that.” “But isn’t it true?” Many organizations love to have a competition and… Read More