What Exactly is Radical Change?

I focus a lot on Radical Change.  But what exactly do I mean? What is Radical Change? Radical change is a quantum leap from where we are to where we would really like to be.  It is not some small adjustment, a tweak here or there that takes away a small problem or allows marginal… Read More

9 Critical Affirmations to Squech the Doubts and Create Radical Change

Doubt disables many aspiring and disruptive leaders.  You might be one of them.  If so, this is the post you are looking for. As I began to create radical change, I doubted myself and my success.  But as I changed the words I thought and said, my thinking and success came quickly. Here are 9 of my… Read More

7 Compelling Quotes to Inspire Radical Change

Here are seven of my favorite quotes about change from some pretty impressive individuals.  But don’t just read the quote, answer the question to begin thinking of how you can be the one who makes the important changes. 1.  It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the… Read More

Are YOU Handcuffing Your Own Radical Change?

That is a crazy question, isn’t it?  Could we be  getting in our own way?  Could we be the own own worst enemy to creating radical change? If you are like me, it is easier and much more comfortable blaming others. After all, why beat ourselves up, right? But let’s face it. We are often… Read More