5 Options with this Pandemic DEAD END

The pandemic has brought us to a dead stop.In this post, we will be examining five options in reaction to this pandemic. This post is valuable for leaders but also managers, Human Resources professionals, sales, entrepreneurs, staff, and all employees. In this post, we discuss options for making good strategic choices instead of reacting to a seemingly impossible situation. Those that follow MurfieldCoaching.com know that I focus on breakthrough opportunities. I write, speak, and work to solve significant problems with compassion, communication, and collaboration. Read More

Are you dismissing your big opportunity? (Freaky Far Out Friday Idea)

The Cornavirus Shutdown demands we dismiss many opportunities. But are we dismissing our breakthrough idea? In this post we look at ideas you have dismissed and challenge you to reconsider. Maybe this is your breakthrough moment. Read More

Think Bigger and Reach Higher to Solve a Persistent Problem with an Old Process

Are we following the Best Practices for solving a persistent problem? As leaders, we all face those chronic problems that continually drain our resources. Two weeks ago, I examined the problem of mass shootings.  Today we look at an old process that has been proven to solve those chronic problems. You might be familiar with John… Read More

Are you Going to Play it Safe in 2017 or Create a Radical Change?

What are you willing to risk to get what you ultimately want?   Disrupting our lives, career, market or industry demands risk and sacrifice. Unfortunately many are not willing to take the risk.  They don’t want to gamble with anything other than easy odds. So 72% of employees are disengaged, according to Gallup Polls. Doesn’t that… Read More

3 Basic Tips to Avoid Bad Decisions

Last week we discussed 3 Tips to make Great Decisions.  But how do we avoid making a bad decision? Here are 3 tips that I have found in my study of great leaders over the last decade. Tip #1:  Recognize You Have Multiple Choices Those who make significant accomplishments that accumulate great fortunes understand they… Read More