What Significant Problem are You Solving?

Are you solving the right problem? In an earlier post, we discussed the three step process that Astro Teller uses at X for his team’s “Moonshot” process for accomplishing audacious goals.In that post we discussed solving significant problems. In this post, I challenge you to think bigger to solve one of five significant problems that you or your customers are currently facing. Murfield Coaching, works with leaders in Real Estate, Sales, and Business to deliver breakthrough success by thinking bigger and reaching higher. Read More

Actions Trump Your Words: 5 Messages to Avoid in Bringing Employees Back to Work

In this post, we will discuss the five messages that will disengage even the most loyal team members if your actions do not match your words. Murfield Coaching works with individuals and organizations to solve significant problems through disruptive thinking. One of the most prevalent but overlooked problems is poor communication that disengages team members. Read More

How Innovative Are You in Solving Persistent Problems?

How will we transition to the New Normal? We must learn to think bigger and reach higher to successfully overcome the current problem and find the best opportunities as we work through the COVID 19 SHUTDOWN. Murfield International, Inc. works to solve five significant problems with innovative thinking. That is the key, innovative thinking. Notice each of the five problems listed below. Now think about how you try to solve each of them. Read More

Thinking Bigger Tuesday: Engage Your Employees

In this post we are challenging you to think bigger and change your priorities as a leader. Begin caring for your team. Come alongside of them to alleviate their pain. In the process, you will unleash the ultimate performance, production and profits. It is a process that requires us to think bigger and reach higher. Murfield Coaching is dedicated to solving persistent problems with innovative thinking. The problem of employee disengagement is one of the most pressing problems facing business today. Read More

Mind Shift Monday: Release of my 13th Book “Leading with the POWER of Compassion”

The biggest challenge leaders face today is building cutting-edge teams to keep pace with the rapidly and radically changing world. To keep pace, our teams need to be engaged. Our passion and purpose at Murfield Coaching is solving significant problems with innovative thinking. This week we are focusing on how to alleviate the pain of disengaged employees. Read More