Actions Trump Your Words: 5 Messages to Avoid in Bringing Employees Back to Work

In this post, we will discuss the five messages that will disengage even the most loyal team members if your actions do not match your words. Murfield Coaching works with individuals and organizations to solve significant problems through disruptive thinking. One of the most prevalent but overlooked problems is poor communication that disengages team members. Read More

7+ Ways Bad Leaders Kill Your Energy to Disrupt – and What You Can Do to Make it Better

Don’t you just hate it when things are going well at work and the boss changes things and kills the energy? Here are 7 ways bad leaders kill our energy to disrupt.  Just for good measure, I’ll add a bonus one.   First, they let their EGO get in the way. Ego kills energy because it… Read More

3 Questions Disengaged Employees Ask that Prevent Leaders from Creating Radical Change

Why don’t more employee care about their work? Employee engagement is a red hot topic in today’s business world in no small part because  management and leaders are finally accepting the facts.  Last year Gallup reported that 72% of workers were disengaged to some degree. Seeing those numbers, is there any question why so many leaders… Read More

Making Great Leadership Easier

There is a better way – and it is actually easier. But many don’t want to hear it. Do you? “It doesn’t have to be Hard” I attended an HOA meeting recently and was stunned by the president’s approach. This was a special meeting to discuss an increase in fees designed for renovations on front… Read More