You have 3 Choices: Reset, Pivot, or Leap

Businesses have 3 choices following the COVID 19 shutdown: Reset, Pivot, or Leap. In this post we examine the choices and when they are appropriate. Read More

Mind Shift Monday Quote: Discover the Unique Value You Provide

Mind Shift Monday is a weekly post by Murfield Coaching that features a powerful quote to set the tone for a week of innovative thinking. Read More

Why Not Wednesday? Are you Thinking? Are you Thinking Disruptively?

My message in the post is very simple. Think disruptively to avoid the pain of forced change. Let’s cut to the chase. If we don’t change the pattern of our thinking, we will be left behind. If we don’t willingly become uncomfortable in making a change, the forced change will make us far more uncomfortable. Think about that. Read More

Thinking Bigger Tuesday: What happened when I asked myself a Crazy Question?

Last week I recommended Anne Mahlum’s TED Talk, “There is no way this will work” about getting the homeless to run. About the time Anne Mahlum asked her crazy question, I asked another one while I was running.In my executive coaching business, Murfield Coaching, I work with leaders to solve significant problems with disruptive thinking. I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise that I ask myself crazy questions that push me farther than most would expect. This story is a perfect example. Read More

Freaky Far Out Idea – Skip the Problem

Freaky Far Out Friday features a crazy idea that might just solve your persistent problem. In this inaugural post, we focus on the crazy idea of simply skipping the problem. Read More