3 Secrets to Having Fun Disrupting the World

This is going to be FUN! After all, doing great things doesn’t have to be drudgery. As executives and managers, R&D or Human Resources, corporate or entrepreneurs, we are looking to disrupt the world in 2017.  Let’s see how we can have more fun in the process. Secret #1:  Humor is Creative Disruption. Humor thrives on… Read More

A Soldier’s Story of Service, Sacrifice and Shame

He wanted to be tested, challenged to be the best and rise to the occasion. So he did what most would not do.  He enlisted in the Marines.   Others tried to talk him out of it, employing a variety of arguments, all well-meaning but ineffective.  They didn’t understand his motivation, goals or strategy.  So… Read More

3 Reasons Why Target Leadership will Fail

“We do not make these decisions lightly.”  That was the message that everyone calling the corporate office heard.  But no one believed them.  Why? Recently the Target Corporation announced the closing of 12 stores.  In their press release, they blamed declining profits for the stores.  Those are critical criteria for any corporation but they don’t… Read More

Where do Disruptive Leaders get their High Energy?

Let’s face it. Disruptive Leaders have more energy than most.  They start earlier, push harder and stay longer than those comfortable with the status quo.  What is their secret? Where does that energy come from?  How can we get it? Correcting the 2D Distortions of Disruptive Energy In the old two dimensional world, the thinkers… Read More

Lesson #3. Three Basic Steps to Assessing the Environment and Disrupt the Status Quo

Disrupting the status quo is not easy.  Many claim they want to be that leader but don’t know what process to follow. Do you want to become that disruptive leader? In this series, I am use lessons I learned in nature photography to examine how we can become that disruptive leader who does what followers… Read More