Few Expected Him to Disrupt

I can’t imagine that many believed he would do anything significant when he was born in the worst part of town.  We don’t expect that of disruptive leaders.  Instead we expect that they arrive with some sense of pride and promise. He Did Not Fit In As he grew, others noticed that he was a… Read More

Are You Bold Enough to Lead Disruption?

How bold are you? Richard Branson is known for his bold approach to business.  He is willing to tackle industry giants like British Airways and some of the world’s most devastating social problems.  He is known to say that he doesn’t enter into any business venture unless he can disrupt that industry. But the quote… Read More

She Ran Right by her $6 Million Dollar Opportunity. Why?

Why didn’t she see it sooner? Anne Mahlum, like many of us, didn’t see the multi-million dollar opportunity right away.  Why?  Like many of us, she wasn’t seeing the opportunities because of the obstacles.  Maybe you are doing the same thing.  Maybe you are running right by your multi-million dollar opportunity every day. Maybe that… Read More

3 Lessons to Learn from Labor We Hate

What work do you hate? There are aspects of every job that we hate – even if it is creating something that will change the world. Too often we avoid those tasks that we hate. Even though we want to avoid these tasks, we know they must be done. Unfortunately too often we procrastinate or… Read More

7 Disruptive Quotes to Leverage Your Leadership Power

How can you become the disruptive leader in your organization?   That is the compelling question for all of us. With so many opportunities at our fingertips, we want to be that individual who makes the significant difference by offering a product or service that is better, faster or cheaper. But where do we begin? Let’s… Read More