Afraid to Fail? 3 Mind tricks to Build Your Confidence and Make Your Breakthrough Happen

Doing something disruptive is incredibly bold. We envision being that superleader complete with cape and superpower that allow us to do what no one else can. We imagine that those who do great things have no doubts, fears or insecurities. Let’s get real. You will fail on your way to your breakthrough. You will definitely… Read More

5 Steps to Leverage Your Innovative Leadership Power like Elon Musk

  In a recent Forbes article, Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen noted that Tesla has 2 critical components in building their success – innovation and leadership.  Let’s look at 5 ways Musk leads innovation and how you can use them as 5 steps to leverage your innovative leadership power.    1.  Find Your Purpose and Passion… Read More

What Exactly is Radical Change?

I focus a lot on Radical Change.  But what exactly do I mean? What is Radical Change? Radical change is a quantum leap from where we are to where we would really like to be.  It is not some small adjustment, a tweak here or there that takes away a small problem or allows marginal… Read More

9 Critical Affirmations to Squech the Doubts and Create Radical Change

Doubt disables many aspiring and disruptive leaders.  You might be one of them.  If so, this is the post you are looking for. As I began to create radical change, I doubted myself and my success.  But as I changed the words I thought and said, my thinking and success came quickly. Here are 9 of my… Read More

Do You Play it Safe – or Dare to Disrupt?

Every leader asks the question at some point, “Do I play it safe or do I take a chance and create a radical change?” While there is no easy answer, I have found five times when I say, “Yes, this is the time to go for it.” Here are five times. First:  When You are… Read More