Who’s to Blame? Thinking Bigger about Blame to Solve Significant Problems

Trump blames China. Democrats blame Trump. His followers blame Bill Gates. Who is really to blame?Does it really matter?Those that follow this blog know that I’m not a political extremist, in fact, I seldom write about a political perspective. Instead, I write and work to solve significant problems with compassion, communication, and collaboration. Read More

5 Ways to Become a Disruptive Leader without making President Trump’s Mistakes

You have to admit that he makes bold claims many think are impossible.  Isn’t that what a disruptive leader does? But he is also making historic blunders that turn potential fans into foes. How can you lead disruption without making enemies? I didn’t vote for Donald Trump for President but I do think he has the… Read More

Leadership Lessons in Trump’s First Week

Whether you approve or disapprove of Donald Trump, there are many leadership lessons to discuss from his first week in office. This post isn’t designed to debate Trumps’ actions but rather to illustrate lessons we can learn to leverage our leadership power more effectively.  It doesn’t matter whether we are executives, managers, human resources or entrepreneurs,… Read More

Is Donald Trump Disruptive? Ask these 6 Questions

Donald Trump is scheduled to be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States at noon today.  He has definitely upset the traditional election process and surprised many established politicians and media leaders with the win.  In the process, he had done things differently, violating many of the traditions and practices that has left… Read More

Leading Through an Unexpected Disruption

The political world has just been disrupted.  How do we lead in this midst of this disruptive innovation? Democrats and Republicans alike have been shocked by an outsider named Donald Trump winning the election.  For the first time in 240 years, we will have a president that is neither a politician or a military veteran.… Read More