How audacious curiosity led to my ultimate success.

ne day I had an audacious thought. “I can lead my own success.” In this post, I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, take the lead, and enjoy your ultimate success. Read More

As a Leader, Do you Feel Like a Fraud? Be Honest.

Attempting to do what has never been done before  leaves many feeling like a fraud. But not people like Seth Godin.  Right? WRONG. Seth Godin writes in “The Incarus Deception” that “I feel like a fraud as I type this, as I brush my teeth, and every time I go on stage.”   How could the… Read More

9 Critical Affirmations to Squech the Doubts and Create Radical Change

Doubt disables many aspiring and disruptive leaders.  You might be one of them.  If so, this is the post you are looking for. As I began to create radical change, I doubted myself and my success.  But as I changed the words I thought and said, my thinking and success came quickly. Here are 9 of my… Read More

Am I fooling Myself? Can I really Become a Leader of Radical Change

I write a lot abut creating radical change but once in a while we have to stop and take a good hard look in the mirror.  Then we have to ask ourselves the difficult questions. “Am I fooling myself?”  “Do I really have what it takes to strategize radical change?” “Am I wasting my time… Read More

8 Critical Reasons Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail – and How You can Make Yours Successful

What is your New Year’s Resolution? You know the question is coming.  You will be at some party or in a casual conversation when someone will ask that popular question. How will you answer?  You will probably answer like most.  Most will focus on their personal lives, resolving to lose weight, exercise more or drink… Read More