How do You Develop Your Superpowers to Breakthrough?

To breakthrough the competition and mundane thinking, we need to have more power. Many try to work the corporate system, working hard and waiting for the right opportunity. Others wait quietly to be discovered. Still others, impatient for their due, lie, steal or cheat to get what they want. Sadly, most of those live in… Read More

What’s Your Breakthrough Look Like?

It’s your choice. You get to make the decision. It all begins by making the decision of what you really want.  Last week we discussed having a burning desire.  Now it is time to detail that vision.  In my first book, Chevettes to Corvettes:  Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business, I noted that a dream is… Read More

How Much do You Desire a Breakthrough?

It all begins with a burning desire, but some just don’t want success bad enough. I’ll call him Charlie.  He came to me because he wanted help to work through certain obstacles. My first question as an executive coach to a potential client is, “What is your dream?” He quickly responded with a concise and… Read More

What’s Preventing Your Breakthrough?

We all want it. We want that breakthrough that sets us apart in our career, business or industry.  We want to cut through the clutter and get the attention, accolades and the position that allows us the influence and income to live our lives the way we want.  We don’t want to be mired in… Read More

3 Warning Signs of an Impending Disruption

Is your life about to be disrupted? Is your job about to be eliminated? Is your industry becoming obsolete? Whether we are a leader or employee, disruption is a fact of life that we will have to deal with very soon.  We all know the world is changing radically and  rapidly.  The iphone was introduced… Read More