Afraid to Fail? 3 Mind tricks to Build Your Confidence and Make Your Breakthrough Happen

Doing something disruptive is incredibly bold. We envision being that superleader complete with cape and superpower that allow us to do what no one else can. We imagine that those who do great things have no doubts, fears or insecurities. Let’s get real. You will fail on your way to your breakthrough. You will definitely… Read More

Are You Willing to Risk being Lonely to be the Disruptive Leader?

How willing are you to be lonely? In my last post, I discussed the critical choice our ancestors made in disrupting their lives to immigrate and settle the United States.  Within that choice there is another critical risk they took. They left their family and friends to go to a strange land.  In the process,… Read More

What are You Willing to Risk to Be a Disruptive Leader?

As I continue to venture into the world of disrupting and creating, I’m more and more conscious how few people pursue opportunities to explore, evolve and become. Many are in positions of leadership yet they play it safe.  Meanwhile, the current age is marked by radical and rapid change that is fueled by risk.  It… Read More