How to F.O.C.U.S. on Disruptive Success in 2019

It’s all about focus. To disrupt, you need to concentrate on what others never thought possible. To disrupt is to go beyond change or even radical change. Disrupting is changing the rules, shifting the paradigm and purposely positioning ourselves to focus on a new market.  This post is the second in a series on planning… Read More

Never Forget

Never forget that FREEDOM requires SACRIFICE, Innocent people often pay the PRICE of political policy, Tyrants HATE freedom, Hate breeds more hate, PROTECTION is different from RETALIATION, LEADERS remember to FOCUS on the FUTURE, There is far more POWER in helping than hurting, FORGIVING them is more beneficial to me than it is to them,… Read More

What Would The New York Times Report About Your Leadership?

The internet lit up over the New York Times expose on Amazon’s culture. The scathing article by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld, detailed the oppressive hours and unforgiving pace that characterize work at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. In interviewing about 100 current and former Amazon employees for the story, the authors found that Amazon’s work… Read More