Letting Go: The First of 5 Lessons I Learned from a Difficult Transition

In this post, I introduce the five lessons I learned that will make your transition easier. I know my life would have been far better if I had known them before the transition. I also know my transition would have been quicker. Read More

7 Ways to Help Your Team “Bounce Up” in times of Grief

One of phrases we discussed in last week’s post was “Get over it.” We noted that trauma disables our innovative strategy and as leaders we must work to connect, to collaborate and create. In the process, we work to help others “bounce up” from what has taken them down. Read More

10 of the Worst Phrases Used Following a Trauma

Many people are trying to put their lives back together following Hurricane Florence. Trauma is an ugly time because it is a time of loss. That is why anyone who has gone through a trauma appreciates kind words and actions. Unfortunately, many leaders and managers make the trauma worse by saying stupid things at those… Read More