Be Bold – Write a Great Book to Solve 3 Big Problems

Have you have done what others thought unlikely, improbable or even impossible.  Have you surprised people by doing what they never thought you could do? Have you even done things that surprised yourself? If you have, you need to write your book.  Why?  Because you can continue to do the impossible for generations to come. … Read More

Noticing the Pitiful Self-Thinking

“I remember days when I longed for someone to rescue me from my problems.  The waves of doubt and panic would flow over me and I was terribly afraid I would be washed away.” Each of us has thought those words at some point in our lives.  We felt helpless and looked for someone to… Read More

Amazing Creativity

In the passing of Steve Jobs, many have marveled at how he created technology that transformed our world.  The accolades are deserved as he brought us devices that improved our lives such as the Apple computer, the IPod and I Pad.  When measuring his impact on society through technology, he stands shoulder to shoulder with… Read More