Leading Through an Unexpected Disruption

The political world has just been disrupted.  How do we lead in this midst of this disruptive innovation? Democrats and Republicans alike have been shocked by an outsider named Donald Trump winning the election.  For the first time in 240 years, we will have a president that is neither a politician or a military veteran.… Read More

9 Problems Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton teach us about Leadership

Are you already sick of the campaign?  Do you really want to hear anything more about Donald or Hillary?  Or have you disengaged. Unfortunately many of our employees feel the same way about the leadership in our organizations.  A 2015 Gallup Poll revealed that just 13% worldwide were engaged at work.  In other words, they… Read More

3 Signs of Stupid Politicians and Leaders

We have just started the presidential election and I’m already sick of it.  Do you feel that way too? It all seems so STUPID. In this article, I address what I see as 3 signs of stupid leadership found in the 2016 political campaign.  As leaders in business, we are smart to recognize these signs… Read More