How can you unleash the Creativity in Your Team?

Those that follow me know that I help individuals and organizations become creative thinkers who Creativity is being curious enough to do something different, constructing products and services that customers welcome and cannot live without. welcome doing what others think is impossible. Actually, most of my clients admit that they needed my help to to start thinking outside of the proverbial box. Read More

5 Secrets to a Cutting-Edge Team

We are all clamoring to find the secrets to success in this rapidly changing world. This post details five secrets to that cutting-edge success. Read More

Why Not Wednesday Book Recommendation: Randy Gage’s “Risky is the New Safe.”

Why Not Wednesday introduces you to books, articles and research that I have found useful in solving significant problems with innovative thinking. Read More

Is it time to break the rules?Building Innovative Practices in Your Organizations

What rules need to be broken? I’m really not a rebel. I don’t defy authority because I want my own way or hate obeying. Actually, I find life goes better when everyone follows the rules. But when it comes to doing what we have never done before, well, often times the rules hold us back. That can’t happen if we are serious about disruptive innovation. Read More

How will the Trend of a Generational Shift affect your Workplace? (For Gen Y and Z)

This is the second half of the previous post where we discussed how tapping the generational shift can help older workers find disruptive opportunities. This is part of my series detailing the 5 Trends that will Disrupt Every Business within the next 5 Years. Earlier we discussed “How will Technology Disrupt your Work?” Read More