5 Disruptive Leadership Lessons Learned from “The Shack”

The book and now the movie “The Shack” is disrupting the Christian church with a paradigm shift many didn’t expect.  As leaders of business, entrepreneurs or human resources,  we don’t often discuss religion but there are five critical lessons for our organizations in what is happening with this movie.  Let me explain. William Paul Young,… Read More

Do you have what it takes to Disrupt?

Many say they want to lead.  A few claim they want to disrupt. Will you be that person who breaks through, doing what many thought impossible? I challenge you to read these 12 quotes from disruptive leaders and see how you measure up.  Opportunity “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits… Read More

What Would The New York Times Report About Your Leadership?

The internet lit up over the New York Times expose on Amazon’s culture. The scathing article by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld, detailed the oppressive hours and unforgiving pace that characterize work at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. In interviewing about 100 current and former Amazon employees for the story, the authors found that Amazon’s work… Read More

Buy My Vote

To all presidential candidates. With the Florida primary coming next week and the national election later this year, I have decided to seize this special opportunity and offer my vote for sale.  You have already been hounding me filling my voicemail with countless phone calls, cluttering my mailbox with slick flyers and annoying me with… Read More