Secret #3: What are You Willing to Pay to Create a Revolutionary Transformation?

What are you willing to pay?  How much money, time and effort are you willing to give to do the impossible? Many of us don’t know that answer.  It is a secret that we won’t even tell ourselves and are afraid to ask.   The result is that we settle for less, often content with mediocre… Read More

Secret #2: Disruptive Leaders Choose their Own Destiny as a Disruptive Leader

“It’s My Life.” Those are more than lyrics to BonJovi’s big hit.  It is the disruptive leader’s mantra.  It is the passionate plea, the determined declaration, the marching manifesto  that disruptive leaders make when doing the impossible. There is no misunderstanding.  It is clear for everyone to hear. We Own our Destiny.   Many misunderstand… Read More