Who is Your Angel for the Audacious Pivot?

Everyone attempting an audacious goal needs an angel. It might be an angel investor or an angel partner. The angel may be the listening ear or the helping hand. Who is your angel? How are you being another’s angel? Read More

How do You Develop Your Superpowers to Breakthrough?

To breakthrough the competition and mundane thinking, we need to have more power. Many try to work the corporate system, working hard and waiting for the right opportunity. Others wait quietly to be discovered. Still others, impatient for their due, lie, steal or cheat to get what they want. Sadly, most of those live in… Read More

Will You Make the BOLD Decision to Disrupt Your World in 2017?

Is this the year you make the bold move? It could be if you have the courage to make it happen.  But I have to be honest with you.  Most will never do it.  They will find some reason to step back and play it safe.  And then, as we celebrate another New Year bringing… Read More

7 Benefits to Telling Your Leadership Story

This time of year is filled with powerful stories.  The holidays are important because they are times of connection and celebration.  Stories helps us connect with our past, with the stories that make sense of our realities and with those who we care most about.  Stories are also an important way in which we celebrate.… Read More

What was he Thinking?

It started as a crazy college prank.  It almost cost him his biggest dream and haunted him for 45 years. What was he thinking?   The headlines report promising athletes, movie stars and politicians who make regrettable mistakes that ruined their careers.  The list is lengthy including Ray Rice, Gary Hart, Paula Deen, Paul Reubens… Read More