Take my 21 Day Challenge (Why not Wednesday)

I challenge you to do something in the next 21 days that will significantly change your life. That’s right, let’s use this COVID-19 shutdown to be disruptive. Read More

Thinking Bigger Tuesday: What happened when I asked myself a Crazy Question?

Last week I recommended Anne Mahlum’s TED Talk, “There is no way this will work” about getting the homeless to run. About the time Anne Mahlum asked her crazy question, I asked another one while I was running.In my executive coaching business, Murfield Coaching, I work with leaders to solve significant problems with disruptive thinking. I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise that I ask myself crazy questions that push me farther than most would expect. This story is a perfect example. Read More

Are You Bold Enough to Challenge Your Assumptions

We need to challenge our assumptions if we are going to solve an epidemic. Earlier this week it was Kate Spade. This morning we heard about Anthony Bourdain. We remember Robin Williams. All of them led successful lives that touched millions. Yet their deaths came at their own hand. How can we disrupt this horrible… Read More

They said he couldn’t play. He proved them wrong.

By now you have heard the story about how Shaquem Griffin was drafted by the NFL Seattle Seahawks in the 5th round. You also know that his left hand was amputated at age four and that a coach wouldn’t let him play football. (featured photo by Nfl.com) For most of us, that alone would be… Read More

7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Think Bigger and Reach Higher in Marketing

There are a number of ways to market, advertise, connect and sell in the digital age. Here are seven surprisingly simple ways we can increase sales by thinking bigger and reaching higher. 1. Begin with the Customers You Already Have The best way to grow your business is to work with your current customers. Find… Read More