How do you take the Right Disruptive Action?

A strategy without action is Wishing. There is no hope without a plan of action. Just as there should be no action without a strategy. Wouldn’t it be insane to take the time and energy to create a disruptive strategy but then not to take action? And wouldn’t it be just as ridiculous to create the… Read More

5 Reasons Why This is the Worst Thing You Can Do as a Disruptive Leader?

What is the worst possible thing you can do as a leader? A quick Google search reveals a wide variety of answers ranging from being deceitful to being arrogant, from demanding too much to demanding too little.  Others argue that the worst thing you can do is do too much while others say it is… Read More

As a Leader, Do you Feel Like a Fraud? Be Honest.

Attempting to do what has never been done before  leaves many feeling like a fraud. But not people like Seth Godin.  Right? WRONG. Seth Godin writes in “The Incarus Deception” that “I feel like a fraud as I type this, as I brush my teeth, and every time I go on stage.”   How could the… Read More

Is Leading Radical Change Your Priority?

This magician mesmerized the audience with his card skills.  Small groups gathered around as he performed card tricks prior to the main event.  But he really astounded them an hour later as he remembered every single one of the 60 people’s names.  Many wondered aloud, “How do you do that?” They wanted to know the… Read More

Five Compelling Reasons to Continually Lead Disruptive Change

“Why would you want to do that?” Most won’t understand a leader’s desire to disrupt a comfortable situation.  Followers enjoy comfort because that is what they work for.  But not leaders.  We love disruption.  We love the challenge and the competition.  We love the sense of creating and becoming, of cashing in on being first… Read More