Mind Shift Monday Quote: Discover the Unique Value You Provide

Mind Shift Monday is a weekly post by Murfield Coaching that features a powerful quote to set the tone for a week of innovative thinking. Read More

Thinking Bigger Tuesday: What happened when I asked myself a Crazy Question?

Last week I recommended Anne Mahlum’s TED Talk, “There is no way this will work” about getting the homeless to run. About the time Anne Mahlum asked her crazy question, I asked another one while I was running.In my executive coaching business, Murfield Coaching, I work with leaders to solve significant problems with disruptive thinking. I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise that I ask myself crazy questions that push me farther than most would expect. This story is a perfect example. Read More

Why Not Wednesday Book Recommendation: Randy Gage’s “Risky is the New Safe.”

Why Not Wednesday introduces you to books, articles and research that I have found useful in solving significant problems with innovative thinking. Read More

Freaky Friday Crazy Idea: Stop to Notice

We rush through our days, rushing to put out one fire after another. We tell ourselves that we don’t have time to slow down. But here is a crazy idea. What if we just stopped and took time to notice. We might just find the solution we are seeking. Freaky Far Out Friday is a weekly post by MurfieldCoaching.com that features crazy ideas that just might solve your persistent problem. Read More

Transformational Thursday TED Talk Recommendation: Kai Fu Lee’s “How AI can Save Humanity”

Technology is about to blow our minds. The smart phone is only 12 years old and it has revolutionized how we communicate. It has given us mobility so we can run a business off our phone from anywhere in the world where we have a connection. With the development of AI we will see computers and robots take over all of our routine jobs. In the process, we will reconsider what makes us valuable as humans. Transformational Thursday is a weekly post by MurfieldCoaching.com to help leaders think bigger and reach higher. Read More