A Powerful Legacy of a World Leader

How will he be remembered? When Billy Graham passed away recently at 99, I was interested in hearing how he would be remembered. After all, he hasn’t been in the spotlight for about a decade and we have short memories in this digital age.  Add to that that he might have been at the peak… Read More

What is Your Disruptive Story?

Last week I wrote about the 10 lessons I learned from running my first marathon at age 62. This week, it is your turn. I want to know about your story of disruption. What have you done that you never thought you would do? (Let’s keep it positive. We all have those other stories but… Read More

Are you Going to Play it Safe in 2017 or Create a Radical Change?

What are you willing to risk to get what you ultimately want?   Disrupting our lives, career, market or industry demands risk and sacrifice. Unfortunately many are not willing to take the risk.  They don’t want to gamble with anything other than easy odds. So 72% of employees are disengaged, according to Gallup Polls. Doesn’t that… Read More

7 Benefits to Telling Your Leadership Story

This time of year is filled with powerful stories.  The holidays are important because they are times of connection and celebration.  Stories helps us connect with our past, with the stories that make sense of our realities and with those who we care most about.  Stories are also an important way in which we celebrate.… Read More