Are you asking the Audacious Questions that will Solve Significant Problems?

The COVID19 pandemic is radically changing our world. Many of the businesses, restaurants, and practices we enjoyed will disappear completely. Others will be suspended for some time. Even when they return, they will be altered. Make no mistake, we will never return to the normal lives we had previously. Do you believe that audacious statement?… Read More

5 Secrets to Get You Motivated and Stay That Way through Your Breakthrough

I really don’t feel like writing this blog right now. It would be a lot eassier to pick up a book, check my email or make a phone call. But that isn’t what I need to do to make my breakthrough. This is the fifth article in the series, “What is preventing your breakthrough?” In this article,… Read More

Leading Through an Unexpected Disruption

The political world has just been disrupted.  How do we lead in this midst of this disruptive innovation? Democrats and Republicans alike have been shocked by an outsider named Donald Trump winning the election.  For the first time in 240 years, we will have a president that is neither a politician or a military veteran.… Read More

Are You Willing to Risk being Lonely to be the Disruptive Leader?

How willing are you to be lonely? In my last post, I discussed the critical choice our ancestors made in disrupting their lives to immigrate and settle the United States.  Within that choice there is another critical risk they took. They left their family and friends to go to a strange land.  In the process,… Read More