As a Leader, Do you Feel Like a Fraud? Be Honest.

Attempting to do what has never been done before  leaves many feeling like a fraud. But not people like Seth Godin.  Right? WRONG. Seth Godin writes in “The Incarus Deception” that “I feel like a fraud as I type this, as I brush my teeth, and every time I go on stage.”   How could the… Read More

3 Strategic Changes to Leverage the Power of Human Resources

Mention Human Resources and many executives, managers and employees groan.  They just don’t see how H.R. is  or could be significant in creating radical change. Why not? I have studied this situation for the last 25 years, starting in a time when H.R. was known as “Personnel.” As I taught Business Communication and then Leadership… Read More

3D Leadership Lessons Learned in the Building of the Bell Rock Light House

They doubted it could ever be built. But he built it and it still stands today. There are important lessons to learn in that story. If you are like me, you love learning from the ones who did great things.  Maybe that is why I like reading nonfiction, especially biographies and autobiographies.  It is there… Read More