Are You Aware of this Secret to Leadership Power?

There is an easier way. For years we have heard that the best way to lead is to build a power base upon networks of powerful people in important positions. Read More

5 Steps to Leverage Your Innovative Leadership Power like Elon Musk

  In a recent Forbes article, Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen noted that Tesla has 2 critical components in building their success – innovation and leadership.  Let’s look at 5 ways Musk leads innovation and how you can use them as 5 steps to leverage your innovative leadership power.    1.  Find Your Purpose and Passion… Read More

7 Questions to Ask Yourself in Building a Strong Team

Radical change doesn’t just happen.  It takes a wise leader leveraging their power to build a strong team. Here are 7 questions that might just make the difference between a disengaged team and one that consistently does what seemed impossible #1:  What percentage of my workforce is engaged? Do you realize who votes in presidential elections?… Read More

3 Reasons You are Fired

Ordinary Managers maintain the Status Quo. Ordinary Leaders create Incremental change when it is predictable, safe and comfortable.  Meanwhile, Disruptive Leaders purposely create Radical Change. Disruptive leaders create  something that is so valuable for their customers, employees and supporters that those followers never want to go back to the previous products, services and relationships.  No wonder… Read More

Are You Willing to Pay the High Price for Creating Radical Change?

In our modern attempt to make products Better Faster Cheaper Sometimes we mistakenly think that means making something Shorter Quicker or Easier. But there are times when the RADICAL CHANGE we desire requires that we work Harder and Longer while Thinking Differently. That will likely require you to Dismantle Predictability Disrupt your Comfort Discard your… Read More