3 Lessons to Learn from Labor We Hate

What work do you hate? There are aspects of every job that we hate – even if it is creating something that will change the world. Too often we avoid those tasks that we hate. Even though we want to avoid these tasks, we know they must be done. Unfortunately too often we procrastinate or… Read More

7 Disruptive Quotes to Leverage Your Leadership Power

How can you become the disruptive leader in your organization?   That is the compelling question for all of us. With so many opportunities at our fingertips, we want to be that individual who makes the significant difference by offering a product or service that is better, faster or cheaper. But where do we begin? Let’s… Read More

Where do Disruptive Leaders get their High Energy?

Let’s face it. Disruptive Leaders have more energy than most.  They start earlier, push harder and stay longer than those comfortable with the status quo.  What is their secret? Where does that energy come from?  How can we get it? Correcting the 2D Distortions of Disruptive Energy In the old two dimensional world, the thinkers… Read More

Secret #5: What Must be Disrupted Today?

What happens if you do not disrupt today?  What happens if you wait?  Will you miss an incredible opportunity? Many never do anything significant because they are too comfortable.  You have heard me say that before, but today, as we discuss the fifth secret of becoming a disruptive leader, I have to ask, “Why are… Read More

What is the 1st Secret to being a Disruptive Leader?

You want to know the secret and so do I.  We want to know the secrets to a leader’s success so we can find that extra edge and do something quicker, better or cheaper.  We want to seize our ultimate opportunity and do the impossible. That is why a Chinese gaming company just paid $2.35… Read More