How can you Share Your Innovative Vision?

Having a vision of innovation is exciting. Someone has a vision and then shares that vision with their team. But how do they get everyone on board? How can you share that vision? Murfield Coaching works with individuals and organizations to solve significant problems through innovative thinking. We use our own unique perspective built upon the… Read More

7 Tips to Disrupt Like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the world.  He led a movement that disrupted practices of  racial segregation across the United States.  How did he do it? For those of us seeking to disrupt our world in 2017, here are several tips that we can pick up from this powerful leader.   First, Observe.   Martin Luther… Read More

Will You Make the BOLD Decision to Disrupt Your World in 2017?

Is this the year you make the bold move? It could be if you have the courage to make it happen.  But I have to be honest with you.  Most will never do it.  They will find some reason to step back and play it safe.  And then, as we celebrate another New Year bringing… Read More