What if I told you that Your Biggest Failure Could Lead to Your Ultimate Success?

In this post, we detail a real situation and how it led to doing what everyone hadn’t considered as possible. Imagine how you will feel knowing that what you currently consider the worst case scenario could be the tipping point to your ultimate breakthrough. Won’t that feel great? Read More

What Unseen Potential Do You See?

How can you see what isn’t seen?  That sound like an oxymoron or a contradiction. But it’s not.  Ask Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Ask Sara Blakely or Shelia Lirio Marcelo. If they were still alive, you could also ask Steve Jobs, Mary Kay Ash or even Mother Theresa. They saw potential where others didn’t… Read More

5 Steps to Disrupt Your Mind in 2017

With the world changing more rapidly and radically than ever before in history, we are increasingly challenged to solve problems we have never seen before.  But as leaders, we are busy and have a hard time carving out time.  No wonder many of us settle for implementing what others have done. But imagine if we… Read More