Are You Prepared to Be a Disruptive Leader

35 years ago Mt.St. Helen’s erupted.  At the time, we were all stunned by how this once lush landscape was almost instantly turned into a moonscape.  But hidden in that anniversary of such radical disruption are 3 important lessons for those who aspire to be a disruptive leader. Check out the the 55 second point… Read More

The Top 7 Reasons Why Most Followers will Never Become Disruptive Leaders

Why do we hesitate to do the impossible?

Over the past several weeks we have discussed how to become the disruptive leader who does what critics and followers claim can never be done. In this post we delve into the top 7 reasons some will followers will never lead and do the impossible. Read More

Lesson #5: Disruptive Leaders are Doers – Not Just Talkers

I hear a lot of people say they want to do something great. Many tell me they want to write a book while others say they want to start their own company or still others claim they will invent a new product.  But very few do.  Why? Too many are talkers – and not enough… Read More