How can you Share Your Innovative Vision?

Having a vision of innovation is exciting. Someone has a vision and then shares that vision with their team. But how do they get everyone on board? How can you share that vision? Murfield Coaching works with individuals and organizations to solve significant problems through innovative thinking. We use our own unique perspective built upon the… Read More

3 Simple Things we can Do to See Disruptive Opportunities

  We have all been there. It might have been a favorite stock or piece of property. It might have been a job offer or chance to start a business. For one reason or another, we passed on the opportunity or didn’t see it until it was too late. Now we wished we could turn… Read More

7 Ways to Create Radical Change in 2017

Can 2017 be your year of disruption?    Can you create radical change in your career or company in 2017?  Or should you just settle for incremental change? That is the choice everyone of us faces as we look forward to 2017.  The good news is that with so much change happening, there are incredible opportunities available.… Read More

7 Disruptive Quotes to Leverage Your Leadership Power

How can you become the disruptive leader in your organization?   That is the compelling question for all of us. With so many opportunities at our fingertips, we want to be that individual who makes the significant difference by offering a product or service that is better, faster or cheaper. But where do we begin? Let’s… Read More

Be Bold – Write a Great Book to Solve 3 Big Problems

Have you have done what others thought unlikely, improbable or even impossible.  Have you surprised people by doing what they never thought you could do? Have you even done things that surprised yourself? If you have, you need to write your book.  Why?  Because you can continue to do the impossible for generations to come. … Read More