Wake Up! This is a Major Disruption

This post is a critical wake up call. We cannot expect to return to our old way of life. We must disrupt our thinking or quickly become antiquated. The challenge is to either learn to disrupt or be disrupted. Murfield Coaching works to solve significant problems. We work with clients to help them disrupt their thinking to track the trends and forecast the best opportunities. Read More

This is a Great time to SHIFT

Tough Times demand change. The COVID 19 shutdown is destroying many critical structures in our lives. What used to work no longer does. To survive, we must make a significant shift. Murfield Coaching works to solve significant problems through disruptive thinking. Read More

Shifting Paradigms for a 2019 Disruption

Unfortunately many think they can still rely on the old paradigm in 2019 and still be innovative. Some will succeed by using the old paradigm but it will become increasingly difficult for them. Read More

What is Your Perspective Going into 2019?

As we look to be innovative and disruptive in 2019, we have to ask the foundational question, “Do I need to shift paradigms to be disruptive in 2019?” If you have followed me, you know that I am a visionary facilitator. I work with clients to help them connect, collaborate and create what they never… Read More