What if I told you that Your Biggest Failure Could Lead to Your Ultimate Success?

In this post, we detail a real situation and how it led to doing what everyone hadn’t considered as possible. Imagine how you will feel knowing that what you currently consider the worst case scenario could be the tipping point to your ultimate breakthrough. Won’t that feel great? Read More

5 Leadership Lessons Learned from Super Bowl 50

Here are five lessons that jumped out at me from Denver’s surprising and dominating 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.  1.  Know Your Strength – Play to that Strength.  They knew what they did best and that was playing dominating defense.  With Peyton Manning on your team it might be tempting… Read More

Noticing the Pitiful Self-Thinking

“I remember days when I longed for someone to rescue me from my problems.  The waves of doubt and panic would flow over me and I was terribly afraid I would be washed away.” Each of us has thought those words at some point in our lives.  We felt helpless and looked for someone to… Read More