Mind Shift Monday: Release of my 13th Book “Leading with the POWER of Compassion”

The biggest challenge leaders face today is building cutting-edge teams to keep pace with the rapidly and radically changing world. To keep pace, our teams need to be engaged. Our passion and purpose at Murfield Coaching is solving significant problems with innovative thinking. This week we are focusing on how to alleviate the pain of disengaged employees. Read More

3 Reasons You are Fired

Ordinary Managers maintain the Status Quo. Ordinary Leaders create Incremental change when it is predictable, safe and comfortable.  Meanwhile, Disruptive Leaders purposely create Radical Change. Disruptive leaders create  something that is so valuable for their customers, employees and supporters that those followers never want to go back to the previous products, services and relationships.  No wonder… Read More

What Exactly is Radical Change?

I focus a lot on Radical Change.  But what exactly do I mean? What is Radical Change? Radical change is a quantum leap from where we are to where we would really like to be.  It is not some small adjustment, a tweak here or there that takes away a small problem or allows marginal… Read More

As a Leader, Do you Feel Like a Fraud? Be Honest.

Attempting to do what has never been done before  leaves many feeling like a fraud. But not people like Seth Godin.  Right? WRONG. Seth Godin writes in “The Incarus Deception” that “I feel like a fraud as I type this, as I brush my teeth, and every time I go on stage.”   How could the… Read More

Do you have what it takes to Disrupt?

Many say they want to lead.  A few claim they want to disrupt. Will you be that person who breaks through, doing what many thought impossible? I challenge you to read these 12 quotes from disruptive leaders and see how you measure up.  Opportunity “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits… Read More