What Significant Problem are You Solving?

Are you solving the right problem? In an earlier post, we discussed the three step process that Astro Teller uses at X for his team’s “Moonshot” process for accomplishing audacious goals.In that post we discussed solving significant problems. In this post, I challenge you to think bigger to solve one of five significant problems that you or your customers are currently facing. Murfield Coaching, works with leaders in Real Estate, Sales, and Business to deliver breakthrough success by thinking bigger and reaching higher. Read More

Are you dismissing your big opportunity? (Freaky Far Out Friday Idea)

The Cornavirus Shutdown demands we dismiss many opportunities. But are we dismissing our breakthrough idea? In this post we look at ideas you have dismissed and challenge you to reconsider. Maybe this is your breakthrough moment. Read More

Freaky Far Out Friday Suggestion: Smile

Smile. Yeah, that is the crazy idea that might just solve your persistent problem. Don’t click away just yet. Hear me out. I think you will be glad you did. Freaky Far Out Friday features a crazy idea that might just solve your persistent problem. Those that follow Murfield Coaching appreciate that we solve significant problems through innovative thinking. Read More

Think Bigger and Reach Higher to Solve a Persistent Problem with an Old Process

Are we following the Best Practices for solving a persistent problem? As leaders, we all face those chronic problems that continually drain our resources. Two weeks ago, I examined the problem of mass shootings.¬† Today we look at an old process that has been proven to solve those chronic problems. You might be familiar with¬†John… Read More