Will You Make the BOLD Decision to Disrupt Your World in 2017?

Is this the year you make the bold move? It could be if you have the courage to make it happen.  But I have to be honest with you.  Most will never do it.  They will find some reason to step back and play it safe.  And then, as we celebrate another New Year bringing… Read More

How Can You Lead a Peaceful Disruption?

This may be the most important question I’ve asked all year.Can you lead a peaceful disruption?  Doesn’t disruption demand conflict?If you read this blog regularly, you know I’m passionate about helping you become the disruptive leader.  I want everyone to step up and make the bold decision to make a radical change in their perspective, mindset and action.  There are so many phenomenal opportunities available that we are crazy NOT to pursue at least one of them. Read More

7 Ways to Create Radical Change in 2017

Can 2017 be your year of disruption?    Can you create radical change in your career or company in 2017?  Or should you just settle for incremental change? That is the choice everyone of us faces as we look forward to 2017.  The good news is that with so much change happening, there are incredible opportunities available.… Read More

7+ Ways Bad Leaders Kill Your Energy to Disrupt – and What You Can Do to Make it Better

Don’t you just hate it when things are going well at work and the boss changes things and kills the energy? Here are 7 ways bad leaders kill our energy to disrupt.  Just for good measure, I’ll add a bonus one.   First, they let their EGO get in the way. Ego kills energy because it… Read More

Where do You Get Your Energy to Disrupt?

Disruption takes a lot of energy – more energy than many believe they have.  But what I have learned from studying great leaders and working with organizational decision makers is that those disrupting the status quo prioritize their energy use.  What do I mean by that? Disruptive leaders know where they get their energy to do… Read More