Do You Have the Attitude for Disruption in 2017?

Give me some Attitude! You know what I mean.  I’m not talking about some compliant, buckling under agreement.  No, I’m talking ATTITUDE! If you are going to do what others think is impossible, it takes some real GUTS.  Bucking the system will demand everything you have and if you approach it without the necessary chutzpah,… Read More

What will happen if you don’t write your book in 2017?

I hear the excuses every day. “I don’t have the time.” “I don’t have the energy.” “I cannot afford the expense.” I don’t have anything that people would want to read.” Many business, civic and religious leaders say they want to write their story in a book but think it is impossible because of the… Read More

Are You Bold Enough to Lead Disruption?

How bold are you? Richard Branson is known for his bold approach to business.  He is willing to tackle industry giants like British Airways and some of the world’s most devastating social problems.  He is known to say that he doesn’t enter into any business venture unless he can disrupt that industry. But the quote… Read More

The Top 7 Reasons Why Most Followers will Never Become Disruptive Leaders

Why do we hesitate to do the impossible?

Over the past several weeks we have discussed how to become the disruptive leader who does what critics and followers claim can never be done. In this post we delve into the top 7 reasons some will followers will never lead and do the impossible. Read More