Are You Standing Outside the Fire?

Garth Brooks’s hit song, “Standing Outside the Fire” asks a provocative question for those of us interested in disruptive innovation. Deep down, we need to know, “How willing are we to be burned? Are we willing to take the ultimate risk?” Read More

Are You Prepared to Be a Disruptive Leader

35 years ago Mt.St. Helen’s erupted.  At the time, we were all stunned by how this once lush landscape was almost instantly turned into a moonscape.  But hidden in that anniversary of such radical disruption are 3 important lessons for those who aspire to be a disruptive leader. Check out the the 55 second point… Read More

What are You Willing to Risk to Be a Disruptive Leader?

As I continue to venture into the world of disrupting and creating, I’m more and more conscious how few people pursue opportunities to explore, evolve and become. Many are in positions of leadership yet they play it safe.  Meanwhile, the current age is marked by radical and rapid change that is fueled by risk.  It… Read More