Transformational Thursday TED Talk Recommendation: Jia Jang “What I learned from 100 days of rejection.”

Transformational Thursday explores a TED Talk on the topic of the week. These talks are likely taken from the ones I have featured in my TED Talk Think Tank mastermind for radical change over the last five years. Read More

Why Not Wednesday Book Recommendation: Randy Gage’s “Risky is the New Safe.”

Why Not Wednesday introduces you to books, articles and research that I have found useful in solving significant problems with innovative thinking. Read More

Are You Standing Outside the Fire?

Garth Brooks’s hit song, “Standing Outside the Fire” asks a provocative question for those of us interested in disruptive innovation. Deep down, we need to know, “How willing are we to be burned? Are we willing to take the ultimate risk?” Read More

7 Disruptive Quotes to Leverage Your Leadership Power

How can you become the disruptive leader in your organization?   That is the compelling question for all of us. With so many opportunities at our fingertips, we want to be that individual who makes the significant difference by offering a product or service that is better, faster or cheaper. But where do we begin? Let’s… Read More