Who Does That? Turning a Trauma into an Opportunity

From the moment I met him, I sensed something different. I just didn’t know how much. Aaron Buros emerged from the crowd carrying the 13-minute pacer flag. I was running the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15K in Tampa in December of 2018. He was the pacer for my corral. With his stature and that big smile, he was a commanding presence. But that was only the beginning. We were about to learn just how much and why. Read More

Thinking Bigger Tuesday: What happened when I asked myself a Crazy Question?

Last week I recommended Anne Mahlum’s TED Talk, “There is no way this will work” about getting the homeless to run. About the time Anne Mahlum asked her crazy question, I asked another one while I was running.In my executive coaching business, Murfield Coaching, I work with leaders to solve significant problems with disruptive thinking. I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise that I ask myself crazy questions that push me farther than most would expect. This story is a perfect example. Read More

How Flexible Are You? Creating Supportive and Innovative Systems

Innovation thrives on flexibility. Unfortunately, that is the last thing most organizations welcome. A friend of mine is a medical massage therapist focusing in Active Isolated Stretching. By working with him over the last 13 years, I have done far more than I ever thought possible in running. He played a critical role in running my first marathon a year ago. How was that flexibility so important? Why is it so important to your innovation? Read More

Who Do You Ask For Help When You Feel Like Quitting?

It happens to all of us at some point in our efforts to create a radical change or industry disruption.  We hit a wall, run out of finances or stuggle to get that big sale.  As much as we want to finish, we get discouraged and feel like quitting. At your lowest point, who do… Read More

Do You Dare Disrupt Your Priorities for 2017?

Exercise was never a priority for me.  So I did what people do, exercising only when I felt like it.  Most days, of course, I didn’t feel like it. But then my wife suggested something that changed my priorities. “There are several people in the office that will be running the Gasparilla 5K this year.… Read More