Lies we Tell About Others

We don’t mean any harm, well, not really. Yet we try to shift the blame to someone else. “It’s not me. They are responsible.” How does this lie keep us from seizing audacious opportunities? In our last post we discussed the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves. In this post, we discuss the lies we… Read More

Audacious Lies we Tell Ourselves

In this post we will examine the “I” messages that convince us to forego the audacious opportunities. The next post will focus on “They” messages and the third post will focus on “It” messages. Read More

A Soldier’s Story of Service, Sacrifice and Shame

He wanted to be tested, challenged to be the best and rise to the occasion. So he did what most would not do.  He enlisted in the Marines.   Others tried to talk him out of it, employing a variety of arguments, all well-meaning but ineffective.  They didn’t understand his motivation, goals or strategy.  So… Read More