3 S.M.A.R.T. Steps to Help Alleviate the Great Resignation

In this post, we discuss the simple and effective solutions to the Great Resignation. People are fed up. They have put up with bad managers and oppressive companies for too long. The problem has been brewing for decades but it has finally boiled over. People are so angry that they are willing to quit without another job. Read More

3 Signs of Stupid Politicians and Leaders

We have just started the presidential election and I’m already sick of it.  Do you feel that way too? It all seems so STUPID. In this article, I address what I see as 3 signs of stupid leadership found in the 2016 political campaign.  As leaders in business, we are smart to recognize these signs… Read More

Avoiding the 7 Fears behind STUPID Leadership Decisions

I couldn’t believe the stupid comment coming out of his mouth. “I just do not feel like it.” As crazy as this may sound, too many times leaders make STUPID decisions when all the logic says “GO.”  In this post, I’ll detail 7 fears hiding behind those STUPID decisions. I have heard many do this… Read More