Don’t be STUPID. Forget Obedience and Think Disruption.

I’m allergic to stupid. Forgive me if that sounds arrogant but keep reading and you will see why this is a humbling notion. Ever since I started reading about disruption in 2013, I have started to see that those following the old methods when cutting edge opportunities are present is simply STUPID. It is bad… Read More

3 Strategic Changes to Leverage the Power of Human Resources

Mention Human Resources and many executives, managers and employees groan.  They just don’t see how H.R. is  or could be significant in creating radical change. Why not? I have studied this situation for the last 25 years, starting in a time when H.R. was known as “Personnel.” As I taught Business Communication and then Leadership… Read More

3 Reasons Why Target Leadership will Fail

“We do not make these decisions lightly.”  That was the message that everyone calling the corporate office heard.  But no one believed them.  Why? Recently the Target Corporation announced the closing of 12 stores.  In their press release, they blamed declining profits for the stores.  Those are critical criteria for any corporation but they don’t… Read More

Avoiding the 7 Fears behind STUPID Leadership Decisions

I couldn’t believe the stupid comment coming out of his mouth. “I just do not feel like it.” As crazy as this may sound, too many times leaders make STUPID decisions when all the logic says “GO.”  In this post, I’ll detail 7 fears hiding behind those STUPID decisions. I have heard many do this… Read More