Are You Surprised? 3 Reasons Why Compassion Leads to Disruption

Do you remember a time when you changed vendors because they understood your needs better.  The old provider never seemed to get it quite right, failing to listen to what you said you needed.  They seemed to care more about what was easiest for them than serving you as a customer.  But then you found… Read More

7 Questions to Ask Yourself in Building a Strong Team

Radical change doesn’t just happen.  It takes a wise leader leveraging their power to build a strong team. Here are 7 questions that might just make the difference between a disengaged team and one that consistently does what seemed impossible #1:  What percentage of my workforce is engaged? Do you realize who votes in presidential elections?… Read More

5 Reasons Why This is the Worst Thing You Can Do as a Disruptive Leader?

What is the worst possible thing you can do as a leader? A quick Google search reveals a wide variety of answers ranging from being deceitful to being arrogant, from demanding too much to demanding too little.  Others argue that the worst thing you can do is do too much while others say it is… Read More

3 Signs of Stupid Politicians and Leaders

We have just started the presidential election and I’m already sick of it.  Do you feel that way too? It all seems so STUPID. In this article, I address what I see as 3 signs of stupid leadership found in the 2016 political campaign.  As leaders in business, we are smart to recognize these signs… Read More

3 Ways Ordinary Leadership Kills Your Profits

Someone is killing your profits.  Who could it be? Several suspects come to mind.  We could suspect global competitors who undercut our prices.  We could suspect the government as they raise the cost of labor.  We could even suspect the quality of employees. But what would the evidence tell us?  Where would the investigation lead? I… Read More